A New Kind of Promise to the Channel

Hello from Colorado—the only place in the U.S. where you can stand in four states at the same time. It’s called the Four Corners, where the borders of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona intersect at a single point. It’s like being at the center of a geographical ecosystem—and ecosystems are an incredibly important concept behind the promise of Radius Channels.

When Matt Rochford and I launched Radius in 2021, the market need was clear to us: channel partners, and the technology vendors looking to develop or grow their channel presence, don’t get enough attention.

It both pained and excited us to witness these vendors (and the channel partners aligned to them) in their fight for market share. We admired the grit, the industriousness, and the passion . . . and we knew we could help.

Radius Channels was born from the desire to build a better model — one that delivers salient value for the channel partners and savvy, up-and-coming vendors with meaningful solutions to offer. So, our purpose became: To fulfill the true promise of value-added distribution to the channel.

How? By building a model that disrupts the norm. We put the needs of partners and the up-and-comers at our center by offering a white-glove ecosystem of services—from dedicated sales specialists and pipeline creation, to sales enablement and demand generation, to up-sell and renewal initiatives. We don’t just facilitate and process an order; we facilitate relationships and provide the hands-on, customized support to help our partners level up.

I believe the best return we can measure is a delighted customer. So, I was thrilled when one testified to me recently, “I’ve never seen this kind of alignment before with a distributor!”

Those words fuel our conviction that the Radius model is needed and making a meaningful difference to our industry. It’s another example of our how our customer-centric model is
delivering on a new kind of promise: elevating our champions.